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Australian Events are pleased to announce that Smartmotion Electric Bikes will be making their way to the 2019 Townsville Expo to showcase their large range of electric bikes and scooters.  

Electric ‘E-bikes’ and scooters are rapidly growing in popularity, popping up in bike shops, bicycle hire companies, and as a form of public transportation in many cities nationally and around the world.

With so many benefits to their users, it’s no wonder people are loving them. What better way to explore new places, make commutes and get outside and active, than an electric bike. E-bikes can be tailored to suit the needs of the rider, giving anywhere from 30% to 300% power through their motor.

The bikes are a great option for RV travellers, who don’t want the hassle of towing a car all the time. The powerful motor and option to add a basket makes it easier to carry more things for quick grocery shops, or daytime exploring. There are even compact and folding bike models – a great option for campers who don’t have as much space.

E-bikes are also a great option for people with bad knees, as you don’t have to push hard on the pedals to get a response. This can mean the difference between having a good time, or a hard time keeping up with companions while riding. 

Smartmotion will be showing off a range of their Electric Bikes and Scooters at the 2019 Townsville Expo. Visitors can find their knowledgeable staff at site OS244.