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Walkinshaw Designs has embarked on a series of moves to reinvent the engineering culture at New Age Caravans and has a stated goal to become Australia’s premium quality caravan manufacturer.

Since Holden closed its factory doors in 2017, Walkinshaw has reinvented HSV as a producer of the Holden Colorado SportsCat ute, ‘remanufacturer’ of the Chevrolet Camaro coupe and Silverado pick-up and, on a contract basis, converter of RAM trucks. Now enter New Age Caravans. On display at the 2019 Fraser Coast Expo, you can see the redesigned chassis, lightweight furniture and mouldings. Every new release product is being designed and tested according to automotive tolerances and endurance standards.

New Age’s Head of Strategy & Execution, Oliver Lukels said “New Age already has a very high and well-deserved reputation in the Australian caravan industry for its manufacturing quality and we intend to build on that using our experience in racing and high-end performance vehicle manufacturing. Our goal is to be Australia’s premium caravan manufacturer, nothing less.”

Visit Motoco RV at site OS201 to check out their range of New Age Caravan Models during the 2019 Townsville Expo!