Townsville Street Art it comes to street art in Australia the attention primarily goes to Melbourne and with good reason. The city has long been a supporter for artistic excellence and expression down under.

Perhaps the adventurer in you is looking for something a little more obscure, a little more off the beaten path. Have you discovered street art in Townsville?

With a council that is very ‘pro’ street art and actively promotes the artwork. The community has attracted talent from around the world with a smorgasbord of diverse styles and voices. Townsville is one place that you might have missed out on your list of must-see street art destinations.

1. Denham Lane

We begin with Denham Lane, a haven for street art! The must-see a vibrant mix of styles, from buildings overrun with tags from local artists to commissioned murals by more accomplished and prominent figures in the art world. Some of them being Kennie Deaner, ROA and HA-HA. Their large pieces add a powerful punch, which is a feast for the eyes and a must-see for any street art enthusiast.

2. Ogden Street

Ogden street is where you can find captivating murals by the RUN Collective. The artworks feature textures and imagery inspired by the wide and intriguing flora and fauna found in Australia.

3. Sturt Street

When walking down Sturt Street keep your eyes peeled for murals by ROA, Tellas, Roberto Ciredz, Hafleg, and James Giddy. Don’t miss Claire Foxton’s piece – it’s tucked behind a building on Sturt Street, so head up Stanley Street a bit so you don’t miss it!

4. Melton Terrace

Adnate is a prolific Australian Artist with several large murals adorning buildings in various parts of the country. His work speaks volumes to depict the many heartfelt stories and lives from all over the world. Don’t miss his solitary piece that overlooks the little hill on Melton Terrace.

5. Flinders Street

We end our little journey on Flinders street where we find a minimalistic yet powerful piece by artists Garth Jankovic and Nicky Bidju Pryor called “Girroogul and the soap tree”. A piece with strong indigenous influences in regard to themes and styles.

Townsville is a sanctuary with several hidden artworks and adventures waiting to be discovered. If you find yourself in the region, make sure to drop by the 2024 Townsville expo on the 17th to 19th of May at Reid Park for a fun filled weekend with amazing entertainment, heaps of prizes to be won and some of the latest offerings in the outdoor lifestyle genre. It’s an event you do not want to miss! The gates open at 08:30am and ticket prices start from as low as $16 for adults.

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